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Mr. Bunny Toes
posted on April 24th, 2011

The other day I was shopping at CVS and saw this little bunny getup at the end of an aisle: Ears, slippers, and a bib that said "My First Easter"...  

...and in some sort of auto-reflex motion where my brain didn't even weigh in, the stuff ended up in my basket.  

Let's face it: Shopping becomes much more dangerous once there's a little munchkin in your life. I mean, everything looks so CUTE! It's like, "Gosh, I bet Draco would look cute in those jeans." Or, "Gosh, I bet Draco would look so cute in that hat," or even "Gosh, I bet Draco would look just adorable holding that chocolate bar for mommy to eat." Okay, maybe not that last one. #ResistTheUrgetoSplurge

A friend told me yesterday how she'll go to this one baby store for like 1 item, and end up spending over $200, without fail (she's got an adorable 2-year old girl!).

And my mom was just saying the other day that she was at the mall and had never noticed how many kids stores there are! That even in a depressed economy, people are suckers for their kids.  

Apparently, I'm no exception. :) Finding myself armed with bunny accessories, naturally, pictures followed shortly thereafter... Who knew bunny toes could be so tasty?Happy Easter, everyone, from my family to yours!!


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posted by AMIGIRL on January 30th, 2012

What a sweetheart. You got one happy baby there. Hope things continue to go well for you and your whole family....happily ever after. LINDA

posted by mamoran on April 27th, 2012

This shopping phenomenon does not get better as they get older. But lucky for you Draco is a boy, so he won't go fashion crazy at some point. :)



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