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August Book Tour Highlights - Part 2!
posted on September 5th, 2012

Here's the second half of my book tour highlights...

Attack of the Show – aired live, August 21st, 2012

Let me start by saying how much I love AOTS. This is my third appearance on the show, and it’s always a blast. That being said... this quickly became probably the most awkward interview I’ve done in recent memory... and I ended up delivering quite the little zinger to the host midway through. (!) The leopard-print dress is by Dina Bar-El.  I am woman, hear me roar?

Better TV – Aug 22nd

This is a show geared toward making your life “better”! And in this case, making your life better by getting good at math... Had a great time chatting with the hosts! –  posted August 28th 2012

AOL does this cool segment called “You’ve Got...” – yes, a play on the old “You’ve Got Mail” thing. This is a minute and a half of me talking about the benefits of math. By the way, I shot this segment on the same day as I shot the “Better TV” segment, and AOL posted it on their homepage August 28th, 2012.  But this explains why I’m wearing the same dress as in that show.   And yes, the dress is again by Dina Bar-El, who graciously lent me fabulous dresses to wear for my entire time in NYC. How cool is that?

NPR’s Science Friday – aired August 17th 2012

I love Science Friday and NPR in general – really intelligent entertainment! I’ve been honored to be on this show many times before, but usually with the awesome Ira Flatow. This was the first time I sat down with Flora Lichtman, who was also awesome, by the way! The piece turned out great. No picture for this one, because hey, it’s radio!

Newsweek’s Daily Beast – aired Sept 3rd

A fun video called “Seven Questions” where I answer 7 random questions, and one of them leads to me giving a sneak peak of the Pi song I’m writing to the tune of “Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairies.”   

TV Guide – Sept 3rd

And finally, a little TV Guide article came out Sept 3rd, including a picture from my Glendale book signing. 

And there were many local radio and TV interviews done as part of satellite media tours, but I won’t list all of those...!

Pant, pant! Hope you enjoyed the interviews as much as I enjoyed doing them.  


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