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One Week Till Book Release, and a Twitter Autograph Game!
posted on July 26th, 2012

In celebration of the release of my new geometry book on August 2nd, I’ve decided to have a little autograph game! In this game, the 10 winners will win autographed nameplates to put in their copies of Girls Get Curves: Geometry Takes Shape. And I’ll personally sign them to you or a different name – a niece? Daughter? Friend?

Here’s how it works:

For 24 hours, from the evening of August 2nduntil the evening of August 3rd, I will randomly tweet 10 questions – mostly requiring use of the book (for example: What do the letters in the diagram on p.--- of Girls Get Curves spell?), and maybe one or two questions that don’t require you to have the book – but they’ll be geometry questions.  J Each time, the FIRST person to tweet me back will get a brief follow and DM from me so I can get the address and name that the autograph goes to!

The book will be available in stores on August 2nd, but if you pre-order it on Amazon, they should deliver it by August 2nd, too – and in time for the game to start. (But most of the questions will happen on August 3rd.)

Win an autographed nameplate sticker to put in your copy of GGC!

Thanks for reading about my nifty little game, and I hope you’ll join me on Twitter next Thursday and Friday to play!


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