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1960's Fallout Shelter - on my movie set!
posted on July 4th, 2013

So, back on June 11th, I tweeted about a fallout shelter that had been discovered under a house in Woodland Hills - a bomb shelter that was built in the 1960's by a physicist. The house was recently sold and this perfectly preserved shelter made the news. Untouched by the elements (nor possibly even oxygen at all?), it contained beds, survival products of all sorts, and even a dead lizard that looked as if it had been frozen in time. 

Well... cut to a few weeks later: I'm shooting a movie in a house in Woodland Hills, and the owner starts telling me about a fully-preserved fallout shelter in his backyard, built in the 1960's by a physicist, and I was like..."Wait! Did the news cover this recently? Is there a lizard down there?"

He let me go down (as well as a few other cast members) and sure enough, it was the same exact shelter that I had tweeted about just a few weeks earlier! Lit only by our phones' flashlight apps, we poked around, imagined what it would be like to "live" down there, and took our own pictures. I even grabbed a shot of that lizard... 

For a few reasons actually, I felt like I was in an episode of the Twilight Zone. ;)

The entrance to the tomb-like shelter...!

The entrance to the tomb-like shelter...!

"Life Pack: Survival Food"! Said it was a 3-day supply. 

My movie-husband, played by Carter McIntyre, and movie-daughter, played by Savannah Dawn McReynolds. An alternate end to the movie's plot. ;) 

First aid supplies...from the 1960's...!

A tin box full of 1960's medications...

And last but not least... the lizard. ;)

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend!


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