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First Haircut
posted on July 17th, 2011

There’s a false story about my recent weight loss circulating around the internet today, given to the press by a non-existent fanzine named “Number Zen.” This fictional entity pretends to have spoken to me at the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books this weekend. And while I’m flattered at the praise for losing my baby weight, I’m horrified at the method by which they claimed I did it!

This made-up story would have people believe that I've been practically starving myself, due to being too distracted by writing my next math book and taking care of my baby.

Nothing could be farther from the truth.

I eat constantly because I’m still breastfeeding around the clock. My “secret” is what I eat – it’s all healthy food: Whole grains, lots of fresh vegetables, organically raised chicken and meat, and almost no refined sugar, dairy, or gluten. I don’t have a trainer, but I exercise at home – light cardio and yoga, and of course, breastfeeding itself is a great way to shed baby fat. But make no mistake about it. The volume of healthy food I eat is, well, huge!

Thank you to the Huffington Post, one of the entities that first ran the false story, for posting a CORRECTION! :) And check out the "Losing the Baby Weight - Part 1" post for more on what I've been doing to lose weight.


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posted by xr-leclub on October 14th, 2011

Bonjour Danica, il y a quelques jours encore, je ne savais pas qui tu étais, je ne prétends pas le savoir plus aujourd'hui. Comme tu l'auras compris, je suis français et j'ai, tout comme toi, développé cette envie de partager à travers un blog, ce que la vie apporte de trouve ça surprenant ce double parcours que tu as réussi à mener, entre cinéma et mathématiques, et cette volonté de vouloir aider des enfants, des jeunes filles, avec tes livres pendant cette période de leur vie que les cours de mathématiques torturent souvent. Tu dois te demander comment j'en suis arrivé sur ton blog ? C'est assez simple, je voulais poster sur mon blog un article sur les prix Nobel...n'ayant pas beaucoup d'inspiration ce jour là, j'ai cherché une scientifique suis tombé sur beaucoup de photos, bien sur et j'ai retenu une des photos de toi lors d'un session pour un magasine dont je ne sais même pas le nom. Mais j'ai cherché à savoir si derrière cette photo il existait bien une femme scientifique. Lorsque j'ai eu cette confirmation, je me suis amusé à calculer quelles seraient tes chances d'obtenir le prix Nobel de mathématiques et ensuite j'ai écris mon post sous forme de devinette, j'ai mis en une la fameuse photo et j'ai titré \quelles sont ses chances d'avoir un Nobel ?\" Là

posted by retsiger on December 23rd, 2011

So first off I wanna say this is my first time on your site. I registered just to comment here. I cant believe that you might be reading this haha. Like many others (I'm sure) I fell in love with Winnie Cooper. LOOOVE. and the wonder years in general. such a great show. I wonder how you feel being a part of it. Lol anyways it's cool to see you are promoting good causes. I will definitely look into your books when I have kids learning math. Now about your baby.. congrats. my name is Mike like your husband and I have curly hair.. hmm? hhaha I know this is an old post but... you'll make it! haha your boy obviously has good loving parents he will be fine.

posted by mamoran on April 27th, 2012

My mom still has little envelopes with our first curls in them. My daughters hair stayed curly until she was almost three. Now it looks like yours, which is good too. :)



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