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Done - finally!
posted on June 1st, 2012

I can’t believe it. I've finally finished the last work on my book – proofreading the index layout! Yayayay!! Years ago, I remember Aisha Tyler telling me that writing a book was like a homework assignment that never ends. Somehow I just finished never-ending-homework-assignment #4, and it feels really, really good. And getting emails like this makes all the long hours worthwhile:

"I just wanted to let you know that your books have strongly impacted my life. I started struggling in math in pre-algebra in 7th grade and was about to have to take algebra readiness for 8th but my parents said that if I read Kiss My Math over that summer then they would recommend me for algebra. Of course I did and made it into algebra extremely confident, having learned so much from just your book. Unfortunately, I didn’t have a very good teacher for algebra and struggled even more, so I read Hot X: Algebra Exposed. I can’t even explain how many ‘light bulbs’ went off in my head after reading that book. So much stuff that wasn’t even taught to me in class just made perfect sense in your words. The way you just ‘clicks’. I am so confident in myself now - thanks to you. Even with the things you write that aren’t about math...they just make me feel like a better person. You are my number one role model and I would not be where I am now in math without you. You’ve helped me so much. Thank you Danica! You rock! I can’t wait until your geometry book comes out!"


Oh Lucy, and all “my” girls reading my books - if I can help to make learning more fun and productive, instilling a sense of self-confidence and pride in tackling challenges - whether they be something like writing a math book or even dealing with something difficult in your personal life - then I’m a happy gal. xoxo


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